Kampala - Coventry
inspiring the youth of the world






To build sports development and coach upskilling partnerships between schools and communities in Coventry and Kampala, so that young people in particular can enjoy and thrive in their chosen sport, and use sport as a source of inspiration and friendship.


To provide connected, not isolated change within and between the schools and respective communities of both Kampala and Coventry.


To provide opportunities for a wide range of people, partners and community representatives to engage with the project delivery in order to develop ownership and build capacity.


To ensure that all of the project developments are sustainable from within the communities and respective partnerships so that ownership and governance is both local and specific.


To draw upon the inspirational power of sport together with the determination and innovation needed to provide and access clean drinking water, as a means of building and strengthening the bonds within and between communities.


To deliver a range of specific programmes in both Kampala and Coventry that contribute to an improved awareness and understanding of the significant challenges that many communities face in their everyday pursuit of obtaining readily available access to clean drinking water.